Outdoor Living Room Ideas for Relaxing Summer Nights

Do you hate to leave your home but still love to socialize with others? You can create a beautiful outdoor living space if you have the space. It doesn’t take much time or money (though they help!). You can transform your lawn chair into the best place to be on Saturdays.

Plan for the Elements

Although we are talking about outdoor living spaces, it is a good idea for you to make sure that at least one of your seating areas has a covered area. You can have the best of both worlds with a sunroom that opens onto an outdoor living area covered by a pool.

Amazing Tile

With such stunning outdoor tiles on the ground, you can make your design choices easy. You can even let the kids (or your party) go wild without worrying about cleaning up.

Outdoor tile is a better option than carpeting in an indoor living space.

Do not forget a fan

A fan looks great and keeps you cool. An outdoor fan can also prevent you from getting bit by bugs. You’ll be able to relax and not become dinner because the fan’s airflow will disrupt moths_’ flight paths.

Take it off

Do you want privacy and protection from the elements but still need some privacy? To enclose your outdoor living space, you can use curtains panels. To add visual interest, be mindful of the fabric and hardware you use.

Do not fight Mother Nature

You own it, and you have your yard. But, the trees around it are also there. However, there’s no need for you to fight. You can use existing trees and brushes as design challenges to inspire your creativity.

This setup is truly exceptional. Keeping just one tree in your yard can reduce the temperature by 2 to 9 degrees F. The tree cools the air via evapotranspiration.

Mix Materials

Mixing materials outdoors instantly increase your cool factor. This modern Spanish Revival home is a mix of iron and glass. The result is elegant but still charming and rustic.

Create a Sectional

A sectional outdoor is great for long nights of talking under the stars with five to seven friends, and that doesn’t include those sitting on the butterfly chair. You can warm your heart and have moonlit conversations by switching your centre table to a rustic steel fire pit. Voila, ambience.

Comfort is important.

While metal chairs with removable cushions are great for backyards, nothing beats a large, comfortable couch. Outdoor slipcovers allow you to bring out the best of your living space. It looks great paired with a natural wood coffee table. It will not get stained quickly like a glass coffee table and will last a lifetime.

You can go long–Like Really Long

You can open your home to make an indoor/outdoor living space. This opens up the possibilities for what you can do with your remaining space. This home flows into an outdoor kitchen, making it a convincing case that you should never leave.

Enjoy Your Lighting

Woven Rattan pendant lighting provides the right contrast to the cool greys and whites in this outdoor living area. They also tie back to the environment. Grouping similar woven pendant lamps create a beautiful sculpture moment at different heights.

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